A Few Reasons Among Many to Join a Home Church


Our 2017/2018 Home Church year is about to start and here at Brave we are excited.  If you are not certain whether to join check out a review of last year from one of our many Home Churches.

In September 2016 we gathered on Monday evenings.  We were a new group, none of us knowing each other before the start except for a few weekly hellos as we attended Sunday Gatherings.  We started small with nine of us meeting regularly, and added a further four as the year progressed.

"We were a new group, none of us knowing each other before the start except for a few weekly hellos as we attended Sunday Gatherings."
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Fifteen people who didn’t really know each other and yet through the year these people became my friends.  We’ve shared our lives together.  We went through highs and lows of sickness, home purchases, house moving, job changes, and exams. We had Engineers, CEOs, HR specialists, Teachers, Worship Pastor, Stay-at-home Moms, Sales Representatives and Writers.  Each week we met, talked about the Sunday message, prayed, discussed life, drank a lot of tea, and united over our love of good food and Jesus.



Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.  The people you’re hanging out with today are shaping the person you will become tomorrow. -Craig Groeschel


Here at Brave, the Church is not a place or an event that happens once a week on a Sunday, it’s friends on a mission together.  As the year progressed, our Home Church did other things together. We had dinner, board game nights, exercised, discussed life over coffee, and my definite favorite was the weekend we went skiing. It took us six weeks to come up with two weekends free that the women and then the men could head to the mountains...Because our calendars were overflowing with the busyness of life - Yet each of us in our group was determined to make it work. This is precisely the reason we love Home Church. The friendships we formed are important. These friendships are a priority. This time away not only took us deeper with each other, but Jesus came too, and each of us came home a little bit more like him.

We Love Jesus. Our Church has an awesome facility, but it’s not the building that defines us, it is the people who make our Church Brave.

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Our Home Church was not alone, each week we have hundreds of people who attend our Sunday Gatherings, and approximately a quarter of them attended one of our weekly Home Churches located across the San Ramon Valley. This semester we already have a higher percentage of people registered than last and we are hoping to see everyone find community in a home church. 

We saw various social media posts shared from various Home Churches celebrating the arrival of babies being, friends attending weddings, supporting each other in difficult times, but amongst all those photos and posts what stood out most was Jesus gathering with us, Jesus’s presence in these moments, and our lives changed by him because of his Church. 

All of us are excited for this new season, and we’re looking forward to hearing your stories of how Jesus and His Brave family are encouraging you.


If you're interested in doing life with our community this Fall - Here’s what to do next:

Sign up for a Home Church by clicking on the link below and if you need a place for your kids, sign them up for Super Thursdays!