A Voice Louder Than Rock & Roll

by Helen Arnold 

July 26th was no ordinary Sunday for Bay City. Our large gatherings regularly have talented people bringing us awesome music, but this weekend, music royalty was present. Being a music lover, I was excited to hear Caleb Quaye play and share his story.

Most known for playing with Elton John, Hall & Oates, as well as chumming around with the likes of Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney. Much of what was heard coming out of the 70’s music scene had Caleb’s touch from the electric guitar. It has even been admitted that a riff’s of his, inspired one of the most famous riff’s of all time, from the song Sweet Home Alabama. Also worth mention, while being interviewed by David Lettermen, Eric Clapton was asked, “What does it feel like to be the greatest guitar player in the world?” To which Clapton responded, “I don’t know, ask Caleb Quaye.”

Many of us desire to meet famous or influential people. Now, some might be thinking, “I’m the exception, that’s not me,” but there is probably someone you respect, even outside the realm of the People magazine cover, whom you would be delighted to meet. And it doesn’t just stop there, we can probably all think of a famous person we would like to emulate in various ways. I know I’ve felt this and even found myself curious to ask silly questions like, “What do you eat for breakfast?” Or, “What was your most embarrassing moment?” Even in our everyday connections with ‘non-famous’ people, we come across those we wish to be like. People who stand out in a special way. We might see them at work or a party and enjoy being around them. It could be the popular Mom at the school gate, the one that somehow manages to fit back into those skinny jeans!

Caleb’s career is filled with the stuff that childhood dreams are made of. The lights, the stadium, and the roaring applause of adoring fans. Yet, it took an uncommon twist when discovering the sobering truth that awaited him upon the achievement of those dreams. He describes reaching the top of his musical mountain like, “reaching the summit of Everest, only to find there is nothing there.”  


Worldly success and pleasure cannot compare to the love of God.

It was moving to see that though once a rock star, the man standing before us was normal in that he experienced many of the same life struggles you and I may deal with. Though I suspect his cell phone to be filled with the numbers of people that have recorded some of my favorite songs, there was a rare humility about him. He did not shy away from revealing the broken parts of his life that God had restored, or glorify his self-glorifying life before meeting Jesus.

Caleb had many struggles, but God was stronger and his voice was louder. Eventually hitting rock bottom, and catapulting off the mountain, a new sound emerged. Caleb discovered his true identity as a child of God. Through his story we see that no matter how famous or talented a person may be, we are all normal people, in need of a Savior. Whether it be issues with our parents, family conflict, addiction, or even depression, the God of creation seeks us out, to save us and lead us to a life of purpose. 

a prayer for you today:

Dear God, You are my Savior. Thank you. You are enough for me, and you accept me, completely and wholly as I am. God use the circumstances of my life (good and hard) to shape and mold me, to make me more like the person you want me to be. Help me to live with your purposes in mind, to be like Jesus. Even when I make mistakes, I pray your will be done and not my own. Thank you Jesus, you are my Savior.  


What characteristics do you see in others that influence you the most?