God’s Answer To a Broken World is Believing People

By Joe Durbin

By Joe Durbin

Thoughts from Sunday’s teaching at BRAVE:

If God exists then why doesn't he just prove it to the entire world in an instant? If He wanted to, couldn't God write his name in fire in the sky, cure every known disease, or overthrow every unjust institution on the planet? So why doesn't He?

Well, according to our first study in the book of Titus, God has a different plan for establishing His kingdom on earth. Rather than depend on His own miraculous abilities, God has entrusted the humans he created and redeemed through His son's death with the task of fulfilling His vision for our broken society. Today, we call the people that have accepted this mission "The Church."

The book of Titus is a letter written by an older leader of this community named Paul to a young up and comer in its ranks. Titus chapter one helps us to understand how a group of human beings from different ages, backgrounds and nationalities should operate if they truly want to be a part of God's mission to redeem and remake our world. So to begin Paul makes sure Titus understands the first thing he needs to establish in the fledgeling church on the island of Crete: organization and leadership.

Leaders and Followers

If we truly believe that the church -- which again is simply a group of people that believe in God and his mission -- is God's chosen way of carrying on His mission to redeem humanity after the ascension of Jesus, then our next question should be: "now what?"

According to Paul the answer to that question is: appoint good leaders.

Not Everyone is a Leader...That’s a Relief!

Good leaders, according to Titus chapter one, are people that bring order to chaos and finish what is unfinished in God's grand plan for humanity. To put it simply: there's a lot of work that still needs to be done and we need to get organized to complete it. 

This is going to take everyone. Leaders and people who will follow. God has given us each an indivudual purpose that connects to our shared purpose and the church is His vehicle for which these purposes are accomplished. What has God given you that can help people in our community and world?

The Team Needs You

In this country we often read "leader" and "boss" as the same thing. Or to put it another way, we consider leaders to be superior, faultless and beyond our ability to hold accountable.

However, in God's church leaders are servants and those they lead are of paramount importance. Remember, whether you lead or follow all of us share one goal: to ensure that what God wants to happen in our lifetimes happens.

This could be establishing a world-renown preaching ministry, making sure that no one in the reach of your group goes hungry, freeing falsely imprisoned convicts, opposing unjust institutions, taking in orphans or any number of other acts that introduce the personality of Jesus to people that don't already know Him.

All of these things take organization -- which comes from carefully chosen leaders -- and a massive amount of human effort. Without that effort none of these things could happen. A handful of leaders can't do a thing. But a humble leader combined with an army of believers ready and willing to join his or her vision because they believe it lines up with God's mission can change the world.


So, whether you feel like a leader or a follower at Brave know that we want to hear from you and help you find your place in joining God to save the world.

The only thing you can't do is nothing.


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