It's a Wonderful Life

A Note from Pastor Daren:

One of my all time favorite holiday movies is, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

During the movie an angel named Clarence is trying to get his wings by helping George Bailey discover that his life does have meaning and purpose.  We learn that whenever you hear the ringing of bells it means another angel has received wings for a good deed.

The sound of bells is the sound of Christmas. The jingle of bells tells us that the horse and carriage, all decorated for the season, is coming around the corner or the Salvation Army kettle is receiving a holiday donation. The ringing of church bells calls us to celebrate together or announce the good news of Christ’s birth without a word being spoken.

Years ago in rural America when a little country church rang its bell the community would rally. There, an announcement of need would be made and the entire community would join as one, to overcome whatever obstacle or challenge was to be met.

Those simpler times, times of common-unity and good will towards people is something we all yearn for in our community.

As we hear the bells at Christmas, may it move us all to unite more and divide less, love more and hate less, give more and take less. Let us all be like the Christmas bells which call others to come and see what God has done in sending His son Jesus. Let’s purpose, like George Bailey’s guardian angel, to do loving deeds which help others to discover that their life does have meaning and purpose in our own community. Wouldn’t it be great if we all got our wings this Christmas!



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