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Our Story


Daren and his wife Tracy have been married 30 years. They have two sons, Samuel (30) and Isaac (28). Isaac is a special needs child with cerebral palsy, known for his ability to fill a room with peace and joy. Samuel and his wife Marcy (28) are newlyweds living in San Ramon. In addition to the their two sons and daughter-in-law, they have two female dogs named Grace and Mercy. Grace is a Mini-Golden Doodle and Mercy is a black German Shepherd. The Laws family love hosting friends and throwing parties. Their favorite holiday is Christmas which they celebrate from Thanksgiving on, and sometimes earlier when the mood strikes. Their favorite place to get away is Lake Tahoe and their favorite to live is right here in the East Bay. 


A widely sought-after communicator and consultant, Daren is passionate about helping leaders go further faster. He has been involved in local, national and global teaching and leadership development for 35 years. Tracy’s first ministry has been to their household and the raising of their sons. Apart from this, she has led worship for many years and taught at various marriage, parenting and women’s engagements. 

Daren and Tracy helped pioneer a Youth With A Mission base near Chico, CA. In addition, Daren has trained leaders for World Equipping International in Europe, Asia and the United States. Lastly, he served as the Church Planting and Church Health Coordinator for two districts within the Foursquare denomination. During that time and beyond he has trained sixty-two pastors that have gone on to plant local churches. 

Both their sons have been actively involved in church leadership and serving. Samuel planted a church while in Bible college at age 20, with the help of his father. He then, successfully transitioned from leadership upon graduating college.  

Daren believes in strong leadership culture with a growing number of leaders and elders who play an instrumental role in fulfilling our collective purpose: helping people find and follow Jesus.  


At age 19, Daren realized his life purpose was deeply connected to the leading and discipling of God’s people. This began with serving in youth ministry for a total of 14 years. In 1994, the Laws family felt led to plant a new church in a small California town called Lincoln. Daren was 33 years old at the time. This new spiritual community would be named Heritage Church. It earned favor in all avenues of their community with city council, city manager, mayor, peace officers, schoolteachers and more. Within five years of starting, 1 in every 10 people in the city attended the church. It has been documented by a consulting firm that eighty percent of their gathering was previously un-churched. Further research by this agency revealed that 107% of their weekend gatherings were engaged in mid-week home churches. These smaller gatherings were a place of tremendous personal growth as well as an invaluable resource to the city. Partnering with the Red Cross, they once mobilized within an hour and provided a location for thousands of families who were displaced due to severe flooding in a neighboring region. 

After 15 years in Lincoln, Daren and his family again answered the call of God to several temporary assignments before arriving in the East Bay of San Francisco. First, in 2009-2011, they went to Lighthouse Church in Thousand Oaks CA, near Malibu. It was a church in need of healing and fresh vision. Upon arrival there were 600 attending on the weekends and by Easter 2011 nearly 2,000 gathered. His heart for the those who don't know Jesus has led to attempting unconventional new ways of reaching communities which has resulted in outstanding favor and lasting impact. 

During this time, Tracy's decade-long fight with multiple sclerosis began to take a toll. It became apparent the family needed to be relocated for extended family support in Northern California. As Daren reflected, “I believe that the will of God and the needs of my family are compatible.” A good friend, Pastor Ray Johnston of Bayside Church, graciously offered him a position that allowed for just that. Daren joined their team as Executive Pastor of Evangelism & Discipleship. His oversight included the Adult Ministries: Small Groups, Discipleship Classes, Women’s groups, Men’s, Singles, Children’s, Special Needs and assistance with multi-site campuses.

After a memorable nine months of meaningful impact, Daren again felt the call to plant. Many dear friends warned that leading your family and starting fresh may not be the wisest decision, especially for a man in his fifties, but during those nine months Tracy’s health improved and a new adventure was calling. 

Along with a few core families, the Laws arrived in the East Bay with a U-Haul on August 25, 2012. They were almost out of money and reliant upon God for the next move. Within 50 days, God miraculously provided a building on 12 acres valued at 15 million dollars. Since then God has continued to pour out His favor, giving not just resources, but bringing capable individuals of character that are truly at the heart of what makes Brave great.