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Tips for Starting

If you're new to leading a Home Church, you're not alone. We are blessed to have many leaders stepping up to help people get connected to our growing community. We know many of you are leading for the first time, so we put together some tips to help you get started!

1) Invite Personally - This is the most powerful way to grow your Home Church! If you meet someone who is new or you don't think they are connected to a home church, invite them in person or with a text to join your home church (conveniently including the link to register). 

2) Manage Registrations - When someone requests to join your group they are excited and need to be informed that they have been accepted. A delay in this process can make people feel uncertain or awkward, so checking your email regularly is important.  

3) Review Resources - There are some great resources uploaded just for group leaders as well as  the weekly Home Church questions. Learning everything you can is a great way to prepare for common challenges. 

4) Choose a Sidekick - Every great superhero has a sidekick or a team because they know there is strength in numbers. You may not have identified a co-host, but don't let that stop you from asking someone to help you facilitate the group discussion once or twice a month. 

5) Send Reminders - For the first few weeks, sending out a weekly email reminder a couple days before you meet (through the groups' platform), is a great way to help people form a habit. Let them know how excited you are and create some positive anticipation for your time together.


2018-2019 Schedule

Each Semester is 10 Weeks Long

Fall Semester 2018

Starts: Sept. 9th

Ends: Nov. 17th

Winter Semester 2019

Starts: TBD

Ends: TBD (before Easter)

Winter Break – 1 month

Spring Semester 2018

Starts: April TBD (after Easter)

Ends: TBD

Summer Break – 2.5 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if only a few people join our group?

A: Home Churches aren't about size. Our heart as a church is to see everyone get in one but this will take many different groups in different places and different sizes, so don't feel discouraged if your group isn't large, be faithful and enjoy the time with who God brings to you. A season with a smaller group of people may be just what God wanted for the benefit of those gathering. 


Q: What if our group exceeds the 16 person limit?  

A: 16 regular attenders is ideal, but in the beginning it can be hard to predict who will join your group and who plans to check out other groups. If your group get's close to the max or exceeds the maximum occupancy please reach out to your Home Church Coach for help. 


Q: Do we have to provide food or snacks every week and who pays for it?

A: You do not have to, but it can greatly improve the experience for everyone. After the first week you can ask them if having snacks is something they appreciate. If they do, you could ask those who are able to bring something or pitch in, but it really depends on what best serves the group. If providing snacks becomes a burden, simply stop doing it.


Q: If people say they want to join our Home Church, should I register them?

A: As well meaning as it may be to help someone get registered, we want them to take the initiative of signing up. It gives them a sense of commitment and helps them get familiar with the groups platform. This is important because we want them to take a sense of ownership and learn where to find resources and the meeting info for your group (time, address, etc.) 


Q: What do we do if someone bounces between our group and another group?

A: We encourage everyone to find their fit and we hold people openhandedly as they are in the discovery process. That said, we also don't believe it's most loving to see people bounce between groups and go an entire semester without putting enough roots down to grow in community. If someone hasn't committed to your group because they are exploring other groups, by the halfway point please encourage them to decide which they will belong to for the rest of the semester.  


Q: What if someone asks to bring their kids? 

A: If we make one exception in one home church, we'll have to make exceptions in all the Home Churches. We believe Super Thursdays is a great solution and that giving adults a place to grow without distraction is not just a good idea but one that will save marriages. If you have trouble navigating this or communicating with someone joining your group, please see your coach for counsel. You can also share the video below where Pastor Daren explains the why behind the decision for Home Churches to be for adults only.