We are more concerned with giving our lives away than trying to keep them.

Below is a listing of all the incredible ways you can begin making a difference on Team Brave after completing steps 1-3 of the Growth Track (Welcome to Brave, Discovering Your Purpose and Leadership Culture).


Brave Kids: There are many ways to contribute towards our kid’s team.  If you’re out-going and love to teach and speak in front of children, boy do we have a job for you.  If you’re more reserved and prefer to contribute behind the scenes, boy do we have a job for you.  There is room for all personality types, skill-sets, and experiences on our kid’s team.  Check them out: 

*Background Check Required


Classroom Teacher

  • Classroom Helper

  • Resource Coordinator

  • Administrative Team

  • Nursery Care Team

  • Check-In Helper

  • Curriculum Manager

  • Scheduling Coordinator

  • Special Events Team


Brave Youth: We help students become passionate and committed followers of Jesus. 

*Background Check Required

Positions (Middle School):

  • Sunday Teacher

  • Sunday Games

  • Sunday Ice-Breaker

  • Event Planner

  • Admin Support

  • Food Prep (For Events)

  • Set-Up / Take Down (Collaborates with Facilities Team)

Positions (High School):

  • Group Leader (boys or girls)

  • Event Planner (Rally Nights, Camps, & Outreach)

  • Set-Up / Take Down (Collaborates with Facilities Team)

  • Food Prep (For Events)

  • Admin Support

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 6.09.20 PM.png

Brave Music: We facilitate a powerful worship experience through music, vocals, and instruments. 

*Audition Required


  • Singer

  • Musician

  • Producer/Arranger

  • Admin Support (Scheduling, Organizing)


Gathering Production: We assist the programming of the overall worship experience using audio, lighting, cameras and other visual elements. 

*Training Offered


  • Sound Tech

  • Producer (Coordinates Gatherings)

  • Lighting Tech

  • Media (Lyrics & Slides)

  • Grip

Brave Creative: We amplify the voice, vision and presence of Brave through clear, consistent and creative messaging that helps people find and follow Jesus. 


  • Web

  • Social Media

  • Print

  • Writing

  • Video

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Environment Design (Collaborates with Production & Facilities)

  • Stage Design (Collaborates with Production)

Prayer Team: We will see people saved, healed and powerfully supported through prayer. 


  • Sunday Gatherings

  • Prayer Requests (Throughout the Week)

  • Ministry Covering (Ongoing Prayer for Our Teams & Leaders)



Welcome Team: We create an atmosphere where everyone feels loved, accepted and comfortable. 

Ushers - We assist people to their seats, facilitate the offering, communion, and maintain a distraction-free gathering environment. 

Hosts - We welcome people at the door, hand out programs, and assist in answering questions. 

Hospitality - We prepare and provide the set-up and take-down of coffee, tea and Sunday morning snacks. 

Parking Team - We serve as the first impression for those coming to Brave by welcoming people on and off the campus and providing a safe and efficient parking experience. 


Operations: We build and facilitate environments where people feel safe, comfortable and inspired to fully pursue all that God has for them. 

Events Team - We serve at the conferences and church-wide events by setting up, decorating and preparing meals, snacks, and beverages. 

Construction - We collaborate with other teams to build for special events and facility improvements. 

Facilities - We repair and maintain the facility. 

First Responders Team - We provide medical services for weekend gatherings and church events. 

*Medical Certification and Background Check Required

Security Team - We provide security for weekend gatherings and all church events. 

Set Up / Take Down Team - We set-up and take-down for special events and as needed. 


All Community Outreaches:

  • Art & Wind Brave Burgers Tent

  • Breakaway Summer Camp

  • Orange Fest

  • Easter at Brave

  • Christmas at Brave

  • Annual Vision Planning

  • Brave Team Party (Annual Appreciation)